Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

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Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center
is set directly under the Ministry of Education of medical, teaching, research, and prevention as one of the 3A hospitals. Hospital was founded in 1931, is the establishment of the first Cancer Hospital; is the only one clinical center that has two specialist hospitals, that is, breast cancer in Shanghai, Shanghai Clinical Center and Clinical Center for Tumor Radiotherapy. In addition, the pathology quality control center in Shanghai, the Shanghai Municipal Center for radiation therapy quality control, quality control center in Shanghai are equipped with chemotherapy in our hospital.

1300 hospital employees, including 800 professional and technical personnel are Associate Professor, 139, 24doctoral tutors, 52 master trainers. 1064 beds are open 592,000 Outpatient Visits in 2009 passengers, the number of 22,500 people hospitalized.

Hospital has a large number of advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment, such as: high, low-energy linear accelerator, cobalt 60 therapy machine, the treatment of after-loading machine, large aperture CT simulation machine, three-dimensional treatment planning system, PET / CT, SPECT, spiral CT , magnetic resonance, all-digital dual-molybdenum and rhodium targets breast radiography machine, instrument stereotactic puncture, ECT, various kinds of electronic endoscopy, various color ultrasound device, such as automatic biochemical analyzer.

The basis of hospital clinical and clinical research-based, with particular emphasis on early detection of cancer, early diagnosis, early treatment, and comprehensive treatment to the characteristics of the various parts of the tumor stages and according to international norms, take full advantage of surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Chinese medicine, interventional therapy, nuclear medicine treatment and biological treatment means, to develop comprehensive treatment programs, with particular emphasis on the importance of treating the initial tumor. Enhance the effectiveness of the hospital to improve the quality of life of patients, control of the recurrence and metastasis of malignant tumors in both achieved good results, so that long-term effect of a variety of tumors in the domestic leading position, and some reached the international advanced level.

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