East China Normal University

Brief Introduction

East China Normal University
is a key University directly under the auspices of the Ministry of Education. It is listed as a member of the “985 project” and “211 project” (National key University). The University is situated in the down town of Shanghai and is well known as a Garden University for its beautiful campus.

East China Normal University owns the state base for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. It is also pointed by the office of overseas Chinese of the State Council as the Chinese teaching center. The online school of Chinese Language jointly run by the University and the National office of TCFL has become the biggest website in the world for teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

The University is located at a place with very convenient transportation. There are means of transportation around such as subway, light railway and many different bus lines which link to most sections of the city. There are also big shopping centers, banks, post offices, supermarkets and hospitals near the University. Inside the campus, there are school clinic, book store and cinema available. The international students’ dorm provides 24 hours free internet access for the students.

Strong faculty members, advanced education facilities, rich campus culture, consummation logistics support, mature peripheral environment, gives you comfort and convenience to study in ECNU.

Faculty and students
ECNU has a faculty body of over 4,000, among whom there are 1986 full-time teachers (including over 1,000 professors or associate professors), 11 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or Chinese Academy of Engineering (six of them are academicians of both Academies), 11 members of the “State Council Academic Appraisal Committee”, eight specially hired professors or lecture professors for the “Yangtze Scholar Award Program” sponsored by the Ministry of Education, nine “state level talents” chosen by the “New-Century Talents Project,” ten “National Outstanding Youth Fund” award winner, 80 specially hired professors or lecture professors for ECNU’s “Zijiang Scholar Award Program”, and 105 tenured professors. At present, the total number of students is more than 49,000, with over 14,000 full-time undergraduate students and over 7,700 graduate students (including those in a Master’s program), among them more than 2,700 are international students.

Schools and Departments
With two campuses located in Minhang and Putuo District respectively totaling an area of over 220 hectares, East China Normal University has long been reputed as a “Garden University” for its beautiful campus scenery.

At present the university is made up of 18 full-time schools and colleges, 2 unconventional colleges and 4 advanced research institutes, with 54 departments offering 67 undergraduate programs.
They are
- School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Education Science, School of Psychology and Cognitive Science, School of Public Administration, School of Preschool Education and Special Education, School of Foreign Languages, School of Business, International College of Chinese Studies, School of Communication, School of Arts, School of Design, School of Physical Education and Health Care, School of Science and Engineering, School of Resources and Environmental Science, School of Life Science, School of Information Science and Technology and School of Software
- College of Continuing Education and College of Distance Education

Institute of Estuary and Coastal Research, Institute for Advanced International and Regional Studies, Institute for Advanced interdisciplinary studies and Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities. Among them, the School of Software is the only statewide pilot School of Software at a teachers’ university; The International College of Chinese Studies is among the 8 State Bases for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, certified by the Ministry of Education. ECNU is designated as one of the National Liberal Arts and Basic Sciences Training and Research Bases in its disciplines of Chinese, History, Mathematics, Geography, Psychology and Physics.

The university is officially authorized to offer programs:
in two of the Primary Disciplines and five of the Sub-Disciplines, which are enlisted as National Key Disciplines;
in five of the disciplines, which are enlisted as Preparatory National Key Disciplines,
in 12 disciplines enlisted as Shanghai Key Disciplines.
It has two State Key Laboratories, one National Field Observation and Research Station, six Key Labs or Engineering Centers, and six Key Research Bases for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. It is authorized to offer 112 doctoral programs covering 14 Primary Disciplines, 178 master’s programs in 6 specialties, i.e. Education, Public Administration, Engineering, Physical Education and Business Administration, and to set up 14 post-doctoral mobile research stations.

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